Monday, May 16, 2005

Horror in the 8th

Alright, so yesterday's game was pretty horrifying. Eh, alright, I'm stretching it a little, but it wasn't pretty. Besides the 400th homerun for Manny, it was a bit on the torturous side. They had a chance, but then Millar reminded us why we've been calling him rally-killer for a few weeks now. And Wakefield wasn't the Wakefield of late... more like the reflief pitcher formerly known as Blaine Neal.

But the most horrific part of the game was easily one which many viewers/listeners may've missed.

During the bottom of the 8th, the camera happened to zoom in on Ibanez as he sat in the dugout. Remy started talking about Ibanez and how he was drafted as the number such-and-such pick in the 32nd round of the 199X draft, and mentioned how this was his second stint with the Mariners. Well, throughout this, Ibanez has been scratching his nose, watching the game... normal dugout stuff. But, then, suddenly, Ibanez's pointer-finger vanished up his nose! He began to dig around, and I was put off of the game completely. Thanks a lot, you loser.


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