Tuesday, April 19, 2005

A Wonderful Day for "Our Fair City"

It is a grand day in the city of Boston. Wakefield has been signed to a contract extension, one that pretty much ensures that he shall play for the Sox right to the end.

Now, perhaps some question the wiseness of this decision so early in the season. Yeah, sure, Wakefield's been golden lately but its just the beginning of the season - he could totally crap out by July!

But recall how versatile Wakefield is. He can be used as a starter, a closer, long relief... he could probably even be used as a pitching coach if his pitching ability really falls off! This is a man you want on your pitching staff.

He's not going to cause trouble, either. He's not one of these immature, upstart pitchers there seem to be droves of these days. He's not the player who's gonna give you a head ache. He's the one who'll go out there and give it his best, and throw as much as you need him to.

He's a pitcher that there need to be more of.


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