Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Falling Down the Well(s)

Well, if that wasn't a crappy game, I don't know what was. An ex-player (ex-journeyman?) who didn't pitch very well with them throws like an ace, two pitchers go down over foot/ankle sprains, two errors from one player (!!), and thus they lose in an entirely ugly fashion.

So Wells is on the 15 day DL, but could be out for longer. And Mantei's just floating around somewhere, can't find a thing on whether he's actually injured in a manner that requires significant time off.

Is this punishment for making fun of the Yankees' rotation troubles? Is this punishment for calling the Big Ugly Unit old and ugly? For hoping that Pavano had gotten hit in the arm when I heard that he was hit by a line drive? For making fun of Kevin Brown for being Kevin Brown? For cheering when Jaret Wright was placed on the DL? Is this the sort of thing I can only look forward to getting in return?

I'd wish we had Ben Sheets, except he has the flu, so that wouldn't be of much benefit right now. I guess things could be worse, huh?


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