Sunday, April 10, 2005

Centre, not Center

An ugly game for the Sox today. Ted Lilly was top form, and it's always nice to see a pitcher pitch a good game, but it was, admittedly, ruined a bit by the fact that he was playing for the opposing team.

But the game itself did not warrant the outrage I feel. It was disappointing, yes, but I found my fatalistic feelings begin to slip in around the bottom of the 7th - even with a World Series ring, the view hangs around and creeps upon me. But, no, I didn't feel a large amount of disgust at the result of the game; my feelings of ill will were hurtled towards something larger than that, something about 55,000 seats larger than that...

The SkyDome's name change.

What the hell?! Rogers Centre?! What, did Roger Clemens decide to buy the home of a former team in the off-season? When did this happen?! Where was I? (Doubtlessly under a term paper due date.) That place is most certainly not a center - oh, excuse me, centre. It is a dome, there is no other word for it. Alright, so its mroe like a block of concrete, but its more of a dome than it is a "centre". A "centre" of what? Baseball? Hardly, the place doesn't draw too well, nor is there a hell of a lot of baseball action other than on-field (unless you wanna call what happens in the players' apartments "baseball" action).

I was told to just be happy they didn't re-name it the "McDonald's Center" or "Sears Center" (as if Sears has the money to buy that cavern, anyway). But the fact remains that the palce is now named after a company, an ugly thing even for such an ugly park. Corporate naming rights... yech, whatever happened to giving ballparks in America nice names that fit the location or were the names of former members of the organization? What is this, Japanese baseball?

What? You want to hear about the game? Alright, the highlight was this: Manny stealing a base in the 5th. Oh, wait, and Millar tripping coming off the field in the 7th. Yes, those are the highlights. Pretty much says it for the type of game it was.


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