Sunday, March 20, 2005

The Boys of Spring

Well, after being a complete moron and forgetting the password for my own blogger membership, I have re-surfaced. And just in time for the waning days of Spring Training, too! Bet this absolutely makes your day.

But, seriously, let's talk baseball - the players the Sox now have, and the players the Sox lost. No steroids here, folks --- we get enough of steroid talk everywhere else right now. (Although it may be of note that I had the privlege of being in the Capitol during the McGwire, and that he sounded even worse in person. It may also be of note that there're now countless Secret Service agents out to kick my scrawny, collegiate ass.)

Over the winter, big names were lost. Pedro and Lowe most readily come to mind. But there were also smaller losses - like that of Dave Roberts - of players who will sorely be missed. The Dave Roberts players aren't the flashbulbs and autograph superstars like Pedro and Lowe were, but they were there for the ride, and they contributed in their own way, a way that brought the Sox their first championship to Our Fair City in 86 years. So thank you to all of the smaller time players who played here, albiet briefly, and helped bring New England a late autumn beauty we've lacked for so long.

Now, I'd also like to make mention of the fact that I am absolutely delighted that Mirabelli and McCarty were re-signed. Mirabelli seemed more like a foregone conclusion to me, but McCarty wasn't so definite. McCarty is a decent player, jack of all trades, and I like that the team still has him around. And, hey, if the bullpen explodes in a horrific ball of flames, he can pitch, too! And, if you'll be so kind as to check his stats, he's actually performed decently as a relief pitcher.

I will admit to still struggling to make sense of the fact that David Wells has now parked himself on the barstool of the Sox pitching rotation. Considering his record at Fenway, it seems odd. And even if the record was caused by him being unable to perform as a Yankee versus the Red Sox due to the atmosphere of Fenway, this would seem to imply that he will be unable to perform well at Yankee Stadium. Guess this'll just be the oddity of the wintertime.

So, bring on the boys (and "Whiteboy" in David Wells's case) of summer.


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