Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Golden Boy Mendoza

It is quite odd that Mendoza appears to have become the golden boy of the Sox bullpen considering what a horrorshow he was last year. But there he was, out pitching in the 9th inning, Foulke kicking around the bullpen as Mendoza neatly dealt with the Oakland batters. Maybe some people were upset that Foulke was a no-show, but after Foulke's Byung-Hyun Kim imitation on Sunday, I was quite pleased with their choice.

Oakland fans have once again proven that a good many of them are a rather unpleasant lot. Those who didn't flee from the stadium after the Sox began scoring in the 9th stuck around to hurl trash onto the field because of a bad call. While Fenway may not be a haven of peace and goodwill, I have yet to observe this happening at Fenway. While no one can blame the Oakland fans for being a pissed off about what was obviously a bad call, there is no justifying their causing the need to remove all players from the field. I suppose being an unpleasant fan is just an Oakland thing, though. Remember the riots after the 2002 Superbowl? At least the A's fans haven't burnt down a McDonalds - yet.

I must wonder if the Sox actually left the ballpark last night (I refuse to call it by it's horrendous title). If I were them I would've camped out in the locker room just to avoid possible physical harm by all those enraged Oakland fans. Especially if I were Manny. He might now have become the Oakland fans least favorite Sox player, replacing Lowe (who gained it after he had a little happy fit after winning that game in last year's playoffs). And the umpire who made the bad call could've stayed with them, too. No doubt they'll find him stabbed and jammed into a phone booth this morning.

In other news, Steinbrenner once again proved that he can be a really cold-hearted bastard when it comes to baseball. While this isn't always necessarily a bad thing, given how much of a successful ball club the Yankees have been under him, demanding that the Devil Rays get an automatic loss because they weren't at Yankee Stadium on time yesterday is just low. The Devil Rays stayed home because of the hurricane in Florida, because they wanted to make sure their families were safe during the storm. They were out of town during the first one a few weeks back, but they didn't want to be this time. So they stayed home, understandably. So Steinbrenner stomps his foot, and yells, demanding that the Yankees be given the win for the unplayed game. Hey, Georgie, would you leave your family in the path of a hurricane so you could go play baseball? Actually, wouldn't really shock me if you did.


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