Thursday, August 05, 2004

Week in Review

Alright. Nomar's gone, but Lowe isn't. While I do miss Nomar a bit (for purely nostalgic reasons, not based upon this season's performance on and off the field), it is better that he's moved on (and I think I might be one of only a handful of people who actually misses Enri Stanley). I'm just a little upset that Lowe couldn't be gotten rid of, and we'd have Clement here. But c'est la vie. The players we have now in return (Roberts, Cabrera, Mientkiewicz) all seem to be good players so far. And, as a bonus, none of them are superstars, hence they do not have overly inflated egos. Not to mention that they're all cheaper than the pretty penny Nomar wanted.

In other news, the Big Ugly Unit obviously has not moved. I predicted this weeks back when he said he wanted to go to the Yankees. I said he would not move, and if he did, he'd go to the Angels, and only the Angels. But, I had thought it most likely wouldn't happen either because he didn't want to go there. Now, why would he not be traded to the Yankees? Well, for one, the Diamondbacks front office despises Steinbrenner and the Bankees. Secondly, the Bankees had NO prospects. All they had to offer was money, and in the end the Diamondbacks didn't give a damn about the money. Hooray for the Diamondbacks management.

In negative news, the Red Sox blew their chance to sweep the Devil Rays. I'd go on about how sad this is, except the Devil Rays are freakishly good this year. Well... by their standards they're freakishly good. But, the fact that everyone was getting all excited about sweeping the Rays is a very sad attestment to the state of the Red Sox. It'd be only the second time they had swept on the road. The only team they swept? The Royals. Yeah, great job, guys. You swept the 38-67 Royals. That's quite an accomplishment.

Well, Lowe's pitching tomorrow. And hopefully he hasn't started to talk to the other nutty pitcher, Byung Hyun Kim, through a translator. We don't want to be finding them standing on top the Green Monster during a thunderstorm hoping to contact the ghost of the still-living-but-no-longer-pitching Dave McCarty, now do we?


Blogger Red said...

//Well, Lowe's pitching tomorrow. And hopefully he hasn't started to talk to the other nutty pitcher, Byung Hyun Kim, through a translator.//

A creepy thought, to be sure.

3:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually, when the Red Sox were playing GOOD at the beginning of the season they also swept the yankees at the bronx

7:42 PM  
Blogger Baseball Diva said...

ESDR, you're not the only one to miss Henri Stanley. I saw him play a series at Syracuse just before the trade. Watching him, I was thinking what a good outfielder the Sox had in the wings. Bye-bye, Henri.

11:55 AM  

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