Monday, August 23, 2004

A Series of Fortunate Events

Well, the Sox swept the White Sox. This is their second series in a row that they've swept, and their third road sweep. And there's only a sweet 5 1/2 games between the slumping Yankees (they've now lost threee in a row, and dropped 6 of their last 7 games, whereas we all know full well the Sox have won 6 of their last 7) and the hell-bent Sox. Although, I'm not really ready to think of the possibility of catching the Yankees. Let's work on the Wild Card first, folks. And let's remember that the Angels are on a 6 game winning streak, too. As for the Rangers... well, for now they might be a worry, but I'm not confident that their luck-frosted juggernaut will be steaming ahead much longer. The pitching just isn't good enough for that.

In two of the three games of the series, someone from the Chigaco team was tossed. I missed the tossing of their second baseman, Willie Harris, during the ninth inning of yesterday's game, but I did see Everett's ejection. I was impressed with ow the umpire handled that. Everett put one toe out of line, and the ump tossed him. Everett came up and started screaming in his face, and the man just looked blankly at him and didn't move an inch. Sure, Everett threw a minor temper tantrum, but it didn't start anything else because of how quickly the ump ejected him. Now, this could be because the man is used to dealing with the immature Everett, which is probably true.

In the same game, someone from Chicago hit a double, and the whole crowd went absolutely nuts. And along the outfield wall, suddenly some fireworks shot up and left a lot of smoke after giving minimal eyecandy. Geez, if this is how excited they get over a double, maybe it's a good thing that the White Sox aren't in first place any more... these people might riot in their glee and excitement if the White Sox made it to just the first round.

And now, they journey to the fortress of the SkyDome in the great white northern lands to defeat the mythical Blue Jays, who are a horrendous 24.5 games out.



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