Wednesday, August 11, 2004

How many steps to home plate?

Am I the only person who has noticed Johnny Damon's odd infatuation with slamming into walls while playing baseball? Last night there wasn't even a need for it, since it wasn't going to fall where he needed to leap into the wall to get it. Has our dear Johnny become a masochist? That was the eighth or ninth time he's done that this season (and, yes, I have been keeping track).Although, given that the entirety of Red Sox Nation is masochistic, you'd expect it to rub off on the players at some point.

Anyway, I've been putting off what I'm about to type for a while, but now I realize if I don't put it down now, I never will because it'll be too dated. This is my swan song in regards to Nomar, because I've just been a cranky person who has told people to move on and stop being so god damn nostalgic and emotional over it. Geez, we all knew he was gonna be gone anyway...

The last time I saw Nomar batting for the Sox, the last game on TV I watched that he was there in that uniform, I saw him go up to the plate to hit. As usual, he went through his whole OCD routine, and you know what? It absolutely broke my heart. No, not because I could forsee he'd be gone, but because of that routine. That awful routine that so many people complain about. The man obviously has serious psychological problems, and that's just awful. I know he's a liar, and he's a pain, and all of that, but even so I feel a little bad for him. Not because he doesn't play in Boston any more (god, those people need to read newspapers), not because he isn't going to make as much money (as if anyone feels bad about that), but because the man obviously needs a psychiatrist.

It also made me think of something else. Given that he is clearly not at all comfortable in his own skin, he probably was alienated from the rest of the team because he's alienated from himself. I have a relative with OCD, and they could even tell you that when you can't even relax around yourself, it's impossible to do around others. Sitting there you see him after a good win, where everyone has celebrated on the field and hugged each other, and he's looking weirded out, and you laugh and say, "Oh, he just realized he's gonna have to take twenty showers now." But then you stop and think, and you realize that it's no joke. I'm not asking for a pardon for the guy, I'm just pointing this all out.

Given that, let's forget about Pinnochio already and focus on Meatball (because spelling 'Mientkiewicz' is really asking too much of me), dammit!


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