Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Sir, is there something wrong with your jockstrap?

I am ignoring the game for obvious reasons right now. Although the Sox are ahead, and Lowe is no longer pitching, I don't have enough faith, because Lowe games as of late always equal pain, misery, and loss.
Bronson Arroyo is really proving himself as of late. And by late, I mean June and July. It just plain isn't fair that he did not get a win yesterday. 12 strikeouts, and for what? Foulke to screw it up, and than Leskanic to break-down in a Lowe-like fashion. It's a bit suprising Arroyo lasted as long as he did yesterday, though. I thought his arm would be worn out much faster, given how many times the camera caught him re-arranging his jockstrap.
Lowe threw a tanturm a few innings ago after being pulled. For some reason Sox players lately seem to be trying to outdo Milton Bradley. I used to think he was the most psychotic guy in baseball (with Chen Ho Park not too far behind), but I'm beginning to wonder if Lowe might be getting ready to edge him out. Lowe has always had a few screws loose, but his tantrums and rants lately are making Sox fans like me more and more worried. Not that it's really very possible to get more worried than we now are about him, given that every time he pitches many fans fully expect a Sox loss.


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