Tuesday, July 20, 2004


Anyone recall a little while back when I expressed doubts about Curt Leskanic? Y'know... the one who gave up FOUR runs in the 11th inning? Granted, if Foulke hadn't given up those runs in the 9th, Leskanic never would've had to pitch. Even so, Leskanic stands at a 1-5 record. In about two of those cases he inherited a rotten situation, but that still leaves three losses that he caused.
I believe Lowe is pitching today, which gives me nightmares. It will be very sad when the Sox end up losing a series to the Mariners. The Mariners are currently 35-56, meaning a win percentage of .385. Yeah, talk about sub-.500 ball.
In other news, the Royals lost last night but had been on a five game winning streak, something that surely caused many heart attacks given that they had had a nine game losing streak just before. But since they lost yesterday, this probably means they will go on something like a 10 game losing streak. They seem to adore to going on short winning streaks, and then long drawn out losing streaks, with some loss-win-loss series somewhere in the mix.
During the game last night, something occured to me. If Ruben Sierra (of the Yankees, obviously), and Justin Leone (of the Mariners) had a gay marriage in Massachusetts, they could both end up with the last name Sierra-Leone.


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