Thursday, July 08, 2004

Oh, the Royals...

The Red Sox won, which was great. Oakland pitching really could use some re-tooling. I know they've had injuries, but their rotation is in dire need of repair, based upon how soon they had to pull their pitchers in the last two games due to the fact that the Sox were beating up on them so badly. And we must remember that the Sox really hadn't been hitting all that much lately... or, at least, hitting when they needed to.

But... the Royals lost. Horribly. Twins swept them, and all three games were shut-outs. Ouch. I'm getting extremely worried that this years Royals are going to be the new Tigers. I had wanted to see the Tigers beat the record of awfulness set by the Mets all those years back, but I certainly don't want the Royals to. I love them, and I'm dying to go see them sometime at Kauffman, but given their performance this season, it looks like I should wait until the next season. They've won a grand total of 29 games so far. Anyone know where the Tigers were this time last year? I'm afraid the Royals might be worse...

And in other news, I despise Brad Halsey, even though he pretty much was the reason the Yankees lost yesterday. Along with A-Rod (A who?), who made an error in an inning when the Tigers ended up scoring three runs.

And in other other news, the Red sox might be going after Randy Johnson. I was informed by a relative of this, as they ran away from the TV yelling. Apparently Theo is going to talk to Randy Johnson, and Shonda Schilling is going to talk to Mrs. Johnson. Don't you love how they're having Mrs. Schilling talk to Mrs. Johnson? So while the Yankees are having an all-out heart attack over their dead-awful pitching, the Sox are looking to strengthen their pitching. I looked over his career ERA's and his win-loss records for every season, and although his best year for wins was in the NL, he had his lowest ERA when he was in the AL (with Seattle, 1997 with a 2.28 ERA). I had just wanted to make sure he wasn't gonna come to the AL and start pitching horrible.

Facts and figures were taken from, except for the amount of Royals wins. I just know they have 29 wins because its hard to forget such a horribly pathetic amount of wins. And because they haven't won a game for eight straight now.


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