Saturday, July 17, 2004

My Internet Connection Was with Pedro

Apparently my internet connection decided to take off with Pedro to the Dominican last week. I haven't been able to connect until yesterday, and even then my pissy connection refused to go near the blogger page. Go figure. You'd think it had enjoyed the weather of the islands enough to react pleasantly to me, but no such luck.
Y'know, Ortiz's pulling a Milton Bradley last night was downright scary. I know he'll argue with umps, but it was crazy how he behaved last night. He should be ashamed of himself. Especially his throwing the bats at the umpires after he got off the field. It was like watching Milton Bradley dump balls on the field last year all over again, except that I expect that from Bradley (who Ellis Burks once said was the "angriest man" he had ever met) and not from Ortiz.
Lowe was a nightmare on Thursday. I was sitting there and almost (almost) wishing for Mendoza. That's pretty sad. I actually would trust a blind man in a wheelchair to pitch more than I trust Lowe. I've heard murmurs and rustlings around that say that the Rockies might be interested in him, by the way. He pitched like a dream there, afterall.

Note: I have nothing against blind men in wheelchairs. I just have the hunch that they wouldn't be the best people in the world to be pitching for a major league team.


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