Friday, July 02, 2004

Millar for Hire

I'd have to say that as more time passes, I wonder why the Red Sox tried so hard to keep Millar from winding up playing for the Chunichi Dragons. His fielding has been terrible. He isn't hitting, and hasn't been, really, since the All Star Break last season. If he was hitting, you could at least play him as the DH, but at the current moment he has no place in the line-up at all. The Sox have other guys who would be much better to have in the line-up.

On the other hand, there is something Millar appears to be good at: cheerleading. So my suggestion is that instead of bothering to put him in the line-up so that they can say that he is at least working for his pay, take away his fielding glove and his kleats, give him a skirt and pom poms, and send him out to be the only cheerleader in MLB.

Yeah, sure, he'll be a WAY overpaid cheerleader, but think of it as making up for all the cheerleaders out there who are way underpaid. And also think of it as rescuing the line-up from total break down. In the end it all evens out: he'll actually be doing something he's good at, the fans will probably love it, and the line-up can pull another player into that will actually be doing some hitting, and, possibly even *GASP* fielding!


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