Saturday, July 31, 2004


Nomar might be gone. Same goes for Lowe, but, uhh, I don't really care if he's gone. Matt Clement would definitely be an improvement over Lowe at the moment. Actually, to be brutally honest, I'd rather have most pitchers out there as opposed to Lowe. Clement's win-loss record may not be very good, but he has a low ERA (3.02, I think) and he has a high strikeout percentage. He suffers from what Arroyo suffers from: no run support. Maybe the Sox can give him some run support though, hmm?

Anyway, as for Nomar goes, and Cabrera comes... I'm a little wary of this. Cabrera had a bulged disk in the 2002 season, and every day he wakes up he's in pain because of his back. Granted, Nomar has his Achilles' issues, but in the long run back problems are something to be more cautious about. I'm not too sharp on Cabrera's defense stats, but his batting average for this season is .246, versus Nomar's .321. For this month, Nomar has a .386 average, whereas Cabrera is down at .280. This season, Cabrera's OBP is under .300. The difference between their slugging percentage is .148.

Mmm.... guys, I'm sorry, but I'm not convinced. Cabrera doesn't look like an excellent replacement for Nomar. I guess I'm also biased because although I wouldn't mind Nomar going away, I don't exactly want him to play for another team.

Also, one last thing about Clement for Lowe. Remember how Suppan tanked when he came to the AL? He's with St. Louis now, NL now, and he's pitching well. He's an NL pitcher (even considering that he is now a closer, because when he was with the Pirates last season his ERA was 3.57 as a starter). Now his ERA is 4.02, and the record is 9-6. I'm just worried that Clement is going to turn out to be an NL pitcher, too. He's never played in the AL. Is this gonna be another Suppan-Sauerbeck debacle? They both pretty much sucked for Boston.

Of course, as I have said before, anything is better than Lowe at this point (a 5.56 ERA for Lowe versus a 3.05 ERA for Clement, and averages against them of .305 for Lowe versus .222 for Clement). Even if there is a question of whether he'll be able to transfer his success to a different league, this is probably going to be a good upgrade.


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