Monday, July 05, 2004

The Cheerleader Brigade

I came up with another use for Francona that does not involve managing: cheerleader. He and Millar can be the only cheerleading duo in MLB. Although, with Francona, don't offer him a skirt. Millar in a skirt could be something some people might dig, but Francona in a skirt... um, that's a bit scary.

Actually, the crux of this was supposed to be me talking about the Pawsox game yesterday, but that title was too good to not use.

The PawSox played an excellent game yesterday. They demonstrated how a team needs the guys at the bottom of the order working hard, too. Henri Stanley (.259) and Tony Schraeger (.262) both went 4 for 5, with Stanley having a home run. Earl Snyder (!!) went 3 for 5 with two doubles, but didn't add to his impressive RBI total (63). And Daubauch hit a home run and a double in four at-bats.

I want Daubauch playing up in the majors really, really badly. .339 batting average, and while he is no Pokey Reese, his fielding is decent (much better than the guys he could replace --- Kevin Millar). I'd tell you his OBP, except that it isn't listed for minor leaguers. Bummer for them.

Someone pointed out to me, though, that in order to bring Daubauch up to replace Millar, Millar would have to agree to a DL trip, and that he's really being paid too much to not be doing anything. Uhh, he isn't doing anything, that's the point. Hire a hitman to break his arm, please! But it isn't worth it because he's being paid so much?! Uh, guys, I don't care how much you're paying him --- it isn't worth it if he's stinking up the joint.

Bring us Daubauch, NOW.


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