Sunday, July 04, 2004

Bitching about Pitching

Last night's game was another demonstration of one of the many problems with the pitching rotation. Watching Lowe fall apart in the space of about five minutes was extremely painful. Why is this guy even here? If you cannot pitch five innings, you shouldn't be pitching in the majors. End of story.

Anyway, I did see a good game at Pawtucket. And a super Brian Daubauch. A homer, a double, and two RBI's. Can we bring this guy back, please?

But let's cut to the chase. This is supposed to be about the Red Sox pitching. I can go on about the excellent PawSox game later.

Well, let's start off with Lowe 'cause he was so awful yesterday. I'm just waiting for him to start trying to decipher the patterns cut in the grass by the groundskeepers because he thinks that aliens wrote them. Or for a bird to fly into the ballpark during the national anthem and him to hit the ground, clutch his head, and scream "It's a sign!!!!" Alright, so maybe I'm being a bit harsh. But this guy has been terrible lately, and given how emotional he can get I have a feeling it's definitely getting to him. Mybe they should put him on the DL for mental issues...

Arroyo. Had a lot of hope for him after that superbly awesome performance versus the Yankees way back in April. But now, roughly two months later, he has a record of 2-7. an ERA of 4.50. And did you know he sucks at Fenway and at night? At Fenway he has an ERA of 6.55, and at night he has an ERA of 5.66. Ouch. I want April Arroyo back, please. Although, given his last three starts, it looks like my wish may actually have a chance of coming true.

I love Pedro. I was a little confused at his behavior at Yankee Stadium last week, but I was sure he had an explanation (and he did: he said in an interview he was luring them into a false sense of security). So what is my problem with Pedro? Well, beside the whole thing where they either get Good Pedro or Bad Pedro, he's sort of fragile. I've been calling him Boston's Very Own China Doll for about two years now. But he's 8-3 (his ERA could use a little bit of work, though), so I'm not going to say much else.

And then we come to another guy with a few screws loose, Byung-Hyun Kim. I have an irrational attachment to Kim, but I can still see he could take a trip on the DL for mental problems with Lowe. In fact, it might be a good thing he doesn't speak much English. Imagine what would happen if he and Lowe started talking and swapping their psycho-trip stories. We might find them in Fenway one night at about 3 o'clock in the morning trying to contact the aliens or the ghost of Akinori Ohstuka (the crazy part of which is that Ohstuka is neither dead nor very good at pitching). But, then again, maybe then Lowe could convince Kim to talk to the sports' psychologist and Kim could convince Lowe to get some acupuncture.

A view of Mendoza is fresh in my mind. First pitch he threw yesterday at the PawSox game and, BANG!, it's a home run. Now that's the Mendoza we all know and hate. He's overpaid, and cannot pitch. If you're doing poorly at the minor league level, then you definitely shouldn't end up at the major league level. Now, while I will admit he can't be too bad of a guy given that he accepted his assignment as Nixon's personal rehab buddy, he can't pitch, and in the end that's the killer.

After one of the games in New York the other night, Timlin whined and complained. He blamed Francona for leaving him in too long. Instead of behaving like a mature adult, he shoved the blame off on someone else like a cranky 5-year old. Grow up, dude.

Hmm... Leskanic. I've sort of ignored anything he's done for the Sox so far. I think he's a little too much of a gamble, though, considering his surgery and the fact that the Royals got rid of him. The Royals are terrible right now , and he really didn't reduce all that much of their budget (he was making $1.25 million). I'm just a little bit wary of him.

And Williamson is injured. Not really anything else to say there.

Now I'm moving on to Schilling. Ok, so I don't have any complaints about him on the pitching mound. Hell, I don't have any complaints with him for anything in the ballpark. I just think that off the field people are trying to make him into some sort of super hero. Remember when he busted that drunk driver by calling the police? Do you really think that if you or I called the police about a drunken driver anyone but our families and friends would ever hear about it? It most certainly would not be a top news item. Basically: Curt is a great pitcher, but don't make him into a super hero that he isn't. I'm not putting down his achievments off the field, I'm just pointing out that a regular person you might see in a bar on a game night could do the same stuff off the field and would not end up on the news because of it.

Yeah, I don't have any complaints about Wakefield. He should've won the last two, except that the offense and defense and bull pen of the Red Sox sucked both times and killed off any chance he had. Sox better win Tuesday, and he better get the win, because I'm tired of him getting no-decisions.

I was going to mention Malaska, except then I'd have to mention the whole damn bullpen, and that would probably bore everyone to death (myself included). And the once sparkling bullpen depresses me anyway.

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