Friday, July 09, 2004

Billy Beane is not my love,

He's just a guy
Who says this team is the one...
The team that had not won.

Alright, I know, don't give up your day job. Well, I don't have a day job to give up.

Anyway, that probably would've worked better if the Sox had lost, but it was too good to not use. The game last night was great, especially considering that was one of the types the Sox typically lose. I actually had the privilege to see the game from the cozy confines of Fenway itself. I'm one of those fans who is loud and who will yell at other fans if I deem them obnoxious. I stood up and yelled "SHUT UP! In case you haven't noticed, these are the Oakland A's, not the friggin' Yankees!" when all those morons started chanting the old Yankees Suck mantra.

The people next to me were awful. They kept getting up to get stuff and were discussing boyfriends the whole time. And were on their cell phones. They didn't pay any attention to the game, and one whined, "It's only the 5th inning?" when it was the bottom of the 6th. I was tempted to strangle them with their cell phone antennae.

At least they weren't doing the wave. For some reason three sections of the right field grandstand thougt that it would be great to do the wave during very tense moments in the game when the Sox were really close to losing their elad. What the hell? What's wrong with you people? Geez, it must've been brainless night at Fenway... maybe they even advertised it and I didn't notice. Ugh, the Dodgers game a few weeks back was a lot more enjoyable...

The game itself was pretty good, as I believe I've already stated. It was thrilling because of how close it was (not something I appreciated as I was standing and screaming in agony during the 9th inning), but the pitching could've been a little better. Schilling died after throwing 105 pitches, and Timlin wasn't as good as he should've been. Foulke was just disappointing. Ah well, can't have it all. I was suprised that they didn't send Embree back out in the 7th, though. I think they should've left him in.

Mueller needs more cheers when he gets up at the plate. I mean, this guy is last year's AL Batting Champion, and he barely gets a smattering of claps. Meanwhile, Mr. Garciagonna gets huge ovations and screaming of fans (he's not a bad player, it's just how cranky he can get that bothers me). As does Damon (not to put down Damon, he's a great player who is very under-rated). And even Millar (?!). Mueller definitely needs an appreciation campaign done for him. The reason he wasn't playing as well at the beginning of the season was probably due to his injury. Now he's back, and he's great, as should be expected of an AL batting champion.

Viva la Mueller!


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