Friday, July 02, 2004

Be Like the Royals

You know, the thing about the Sox team of this year is that they actually were off to a pretty good start. They cruised along, walked all over the Yankees, and generally made us all feel good about being Sox fans.

And then they decided to let their will to play commit suicide. Huh? What happened? They aren't even playing .500 ball any more! It's extremely depressing.

I love the Red Sox, otherwise I would never have started this site. But I will also admit I'm quite enamored of the Royals. They had a great season last year, especially considering their totally stinker season the previous year. I hate that they ended up coming in only third, but after having their first season of dropping 100 games, it was such a shocker. They had a 21 game improvement within a space of one season.

But this season they've been awful. They've displaced the Tigers as the worst team of the year. But at least they've been playing horrible all along. Pretty much from day one of the 2004 season, they've been terrible. So they didn't give me a false sense of hope and then crush it, as the Red Sox have. I just sort of whine once in a while about how dreadful they are this season, but it isn't the up-and-down, give-you-hope-but-then-smash-it of the Red Sox. It's enough to make me want to become a Devil Rays fan.

Maybe they'll win tonight...

HA! Who am I kidding? They're gonna LLLLOOOOOSSSSEEEE!!!


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